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Discernment for Emotional Intelligence

What is Discernment for Emotional Intelligence and why is it important?

Our experience in life is created by our beliefs. Our beliefs cause habits of behavior. Beliefs are simply thoughts that are chronic, so they operate without the need for conscious effort or awareness. Our beliefs are the root of our habits of behavior, action, and reaction.  DEI uses tools to assist in uncovering, organizing, and reframing thoughts so that thought by thought, belief by belief, unconscious habit by unconscious habit we can move the energy and tilt the scale of experience in our lives so that we can actually create the life we desire.

“Emotional intelligence” is a concept first offered by psychologists John Mayer and Peter Solvey, then widely popularized by New York Times science reporter, Daniel Goleman in 1995.  Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to identify, monitor, and manage one’s own and other people’s emotions.  It allows one to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately in order to use that information to guide decision making and behavior.  It also reflects abilities to join intelligence, empathy, intuition, clarity,  and emotions to enhance thought and understanding both of self and of interpersonal dynamics in professional and personal relationships.

Our emotions communicate to us through our body what we are thinking and what we believe.  When we know what is truly happening for us on an emotional level, we can find the thought or belief that is causing that emotion and begin to understand how we either are or are not moving ourselves in the direction that we want to go.  It is always an “inside job”.  When we take total responsibility for our experiences and understand that we have the power to change our lives by changing our thoughts, we can make wise decisions that create the circumstances, events, andrelationships that we truly want.   Often, we aren’t aware that the choices we are making are based on a misinterpreted processing of our feelings or an inability to discern the possible emotional motivation behind the actions/behaviors of others.  DEI facilitates clarity in the process of developing and implementing true Emotional Intelligence and brings a more clear, focused, peaceful, and productive experience of our lives, our careers, and our relationships.

When we allow ourselves to do the work, go deeper, and seek clarity within ourselves about the situations and relationships in our lives, our decision making takes on a whole new level of positive effectiveness.


Why do people seek out DEI?

Because they are experiencing “feeling stuck” in their life/career/relationships.

Because they seek clarity/resolution about problems or situations in their lives.

Because they are ready for a new level of personal growth and understanding and want different results.

Because they are ready to truly take responsibility for being the best they can possibly be.


“During our first session, Jake was able to quickly get to some of the major blocks in my life. My energy was immediately shifted to a much lighter place.”

“Having been in and out of therapy to problem solve throughout my life, I have found Jake’s clearing process a refreshing avenue to self healing.  His clearing work is much more effective in a shorter amount of time.”

“Jake has changed my life immensely. I am not even sure where I would be in this world without him and his true gift.”

“I always feel better –I feel clear and I feel able to move forward.”

“If you are searching for a way to be the best possible “you” and find those life affirming and life changing moments that are full of the insight and introspection then DEI with Jake Martin will never disappoint.”

“He knows how to get to the heart of the matter and to help you to uncover and heal emotions that are blocking your life.”

“Jake has helped me to see, understand, and get past, emotionally stressful issues from my past. He gets to the very root of the problem.”

“Anyone wanting to heal themselves at a very deep, emotional level will find working with Jake an amazingly rewarding experience.”


For a free introductory consultation, email me to see if DEI is right for you.